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Premium Exterior Lighting
Proudly serving the Kansas City area with Permanent Exterior Lighting
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We are Kansas City's Authorized Dealer of JellyFish Lighting.
 Accent Lighting
Lighting up your home is one of the easiest ways to immediately add curb appeal. Whether your home has certain features you would like accented, like peaks or columns, or you just want to light up your home so it’s not so dark at night, JellyFish Lighting is the perfect solution for accent lighting. 
 Holiday Lighting
Outdoor Christmas lights are fun. But what's not fun is putting up and taking down the lights every season. With JellyFish Lighting, you can leave your lights up year round without making your HOA or neighbors upset! They are permanently installed behind your trim enclosed in an aluminum track. The color of the track is matched to the color of your home, so it is very discreet from the street. Skip the ladders and use JellyFish Lighting to decorate your home with a Permanent Holiday Lighting solution. 
 Security Lighting
Although light cannot keep a burglar from breaking into your home, it can make it easier for you or your neighbor to see someone lurking around your house. Keeping the exterior of your home lit with JellyFish lighting will likely detour crime before it's even attempted. We've also heard from our customers that our lights have especially reduced how many amazon boxes go missing, even in low crime areas.
 Game Day Lighting
Easily decorate your home with your favorite team’s colors with the touch of a button. On Saturday you can put on your favorite college team’s colors, then change to your favorite pro team on Sunday. So when you're having a SuperBowl party, you can tell your guests to look for the 
RED and YELLOW lit home 
(you see what we did there).
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